Welcome to The Bank, the best solution for your home away from home. Nestled in the heart of Poznan's historic old town, The Bank offers 49 fully-furnished studios and apartments for rent, each equipped with a range of facilities. Our all-inclusive rent concept ensures there are NO HIDDEN costs. We offer flexible rent contracts starting by 3 months.

At The Bank Poznan, you'll discover a common basement filled with inviting communal spaces where you can connect with your fellow residents. Our facilities include a dining room, arcade, a convenient toolstation, and a cozy cinema. These spaces are perfect for socializing with friends or fellow residents and free to use.

Additionally, The Bank Poznan provides amenities such as bicycle storage within the building, waste disposal facilities, and a common garden. During your stay, our concierge will host various events and gatherings, allowing you to connect with fellow international residents in Poznan.

Experience the perfect blend of community and comfort at The Bank Poznan. Find your studio or apartment for rent in Poznan below for a short term or long term period.






At The Bank Poznan, you'll find a diverse selection of studios and apartments for rent ranging from 25 to 55 square meters. All our accommodations are fully furnished and fully equipped, and our concierge service is here to help your with your needs as an expat in Poznan. Explore the apartments & studio’s for rent below and request a personalized offer that suits your requirements.


Garden room
Garden room






Common room
Common room

Common room





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Frequently Asked Questions About The Bank Poznan

If you have any questions about The Bank Poznan and our services, you might find answers in our frequently asked questions section.

Can't find the question you were looking for? Feel free to reach out to us at

Can I pay the rent in Zloty instead of Euro?

In the event the Tenant wishes to pay the Rent in zloty, the Parties agree that – for the entire Tenancy Term – the exchange rate in effect on the day of the signing of this Agreement shall apply. Furthermore, in such case, the Rent is subject to a 5% increase in administrative fees, which the Tenant is obligated to pay on a monthly basis. The Parties may, through mutual agreement, decide to adjust the Rent to euros during the Tenancy Term.

Is there a congierge service available at The Bank?

Yes, The Bank provides a congierge service. He can help you with finding your way in the city Poznan, answers questions about your building and organizes get together events in the common spaces.

How can I book a studio or apartment at The Bank?

You can book a residence by applying for it at this website by filling in the form.

How long can I stay?

The minimum stay is three months. There is no max duration.

What is the address of The Bank?

Mielżynskiego 22, Poznan (Poland), or find it on Google Maps!

Is there parking for my car at The Bank?

No, The Bank doesn't have an own parking facility. However, there are a few options for parking nearby. First, Parking Płatny (paid parking) placed 350m from the Bank. Second, all our tenants who stay for at least 3 months can register temporarily in Civil Council and then get parking card which allows to park in center zone for 30 złotych per month.

Is there a bicycle parking?

Yes, The Bank offers a secured parking shelter for your bycicle.

Do you offer laundry services?

All of our residences are equipped with their own washing machine. There are also common tumble dryers available in the building.

Are water and energy costs included in the price?


Can I live in The Bank with my partner?

In most apartments this is possible. But check it with our rental agent before you book the residence.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in The Bank due to our facilities not being suitable for them. Our no-pet policy is in place to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for all residents. But, we'd still love to see pictures of your pets!

What is the usual contract length?

At The Bank, you must stay for at least 3 months, and a maximum of 12 months. After the 12 months, it is possible to extend your contract again.

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Before you check in, we ask you to pay a deposit of one month's rent, including extra costs such as furniture rental, service and energy costs. At the end of the rental contract, we will refund the deposit, or the remaining amount if there was a reduction because of any damage and/or cleaning costs.

At the end of your rental period, we want to give you back as much of the deposit as possible, it is important that you clean the house properly upon final delivery and that you handle the Magis furniture with care.

Do I need to pay for a TV license?

A 4K smart-TV and internet are included and ready when you arrive! There are no TV channels included though.

How secure is my residence and the complex?

Your residence and the complex is absolute secure. All doors and entries are secured with an electronic lock from iLoq, we have a CCTV system and an intercom system.

Can I smoke or vape in my residence?

Sorry, smoking or vaping is only allowed outside the building.

How many residents live in The Bank?

The Bank has 49 studios and apartments available for a total of approximately 49-62 residents.

Are events planned for residents at The Bank?

Yes! The Bank organizes events for our residents and their friends in Poznan.

Do you offer airport pick-up/drop off?

We apologize, but we do not offer airport services at The Bank. However, our building is centrally located and easily accessible by public transport or taxi, making it convenient for residents to travel to and from the airport/railway station. Please feel free to inquire the concierge services for assistance with transportation options.

Is there a cleaning service and is it included in my fee?

Cleaning of the common spaces is included in your service cost. Cleaning of your apartment / studio is available on request (against an extra fee).

How is life in Poznan?

Poznan is one of the hidden gems of Europe. The popularity among expats is growing in this dynamic city. The beautiful city of Poznan is located in the heart of Europe and offers a large rich history combined with modern living and a welcoming open community.

Poznan is a mix of cultures with a growing expat community. For example, the Facebook group International Poznan contains over 20k members. There are activities to meet fellow expats in Poznan. The restaurants, bars, and cultural events make Poznan an expat-friendly city.

The quality of life in Poznan consistently ranks as one of Poland's most liveable cities with a very low crime rate. The beautiful Old Town (where The Bank is located), the green surrounding areas of Lake Malta, and the river offer places where you can unwind. The cost of living in Poznan is relatively affordable compared to other European cities, making the city an attractive destination for international people.

Poznan provides a lot of possibilities for an international career in IT, finance, and manufacturing. Companies are moving to Poznan more and more, tech startups are coming and small businesses offer a lot of opportunities on the job market.

Next to a large number of business options, Poznan is known for its large number of student population. There are multiple public and private universities, international schools, and other educational options for children.

While Polish is the first language, you will find a lot of English-speaking and international-minded people in Poznan. Especially in the expat community language barriers are minimal and it will be easy to adapt to life in Poznan as an international employee.

The Bank Poznan can help you connect with international communities and social networks. Our concierge knows all the good places and groups in the city.

The city of Poznan has a rich history and a nice present offer of attractions to explore. Visiting the historic Old Town Square, admiring the stunning architecture, or enjoying the city's lively arts and culture scene are all worth having a try.

As an expat in Poznan, you'll experience a city that is a mix of innovation and history, creating an inspiring atmosphere. The city of Poznan is ready to welcome you as a new international resident.


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