Asset Management

Magis Asset Management is specialized in managing a variety of living environments. Our Asset Management team was established with the ambition to actually guarantee the desired service level. We manage by being involved, as we believe an owner should be approachable.

A property manager is assigned to all our buildings and looks after the property and its tenants. This caretaker helps residents with daily chores, such as hanging a painting on the wall or repairing a piece of furniture. He ensures safety and acts as a point of contact for both residents and locals, also in the unfortunate event of complaints and/or nuisance.

We are always in direct contact with our tenants. This way we stay informed about all experiences, which enables us to learn from this and to adapt. Because we also own the buildings that we manage, we are able to respond quickly to specific wishes and needs. We use these valuable insights to take future developments to a higher level. This way of working gives us the opportunity to continuously improve our living concepts.

Our real estate portfolio

A - Eindhoven
  • Magis Real Estate HQ
  • Aalsterweg
  • Boschdijk
  • Europalaan
  • Kloosterdreef
  • Veldmaarschalk Montgomerylaan
  • Zernikestraat
B - Tilburg
  • Gasthuisring
  • Professor Cobbenhagenlaan 7, 9 & 11
  • Reitseplein
  • Vijverlaanlaan
  • Stedekestraat
  • Van Limburg Stirumlaan
  • Stationsstraat
C - Breda
  • Nijverheidssingel
D - 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Helftheuvelweg
  • Kooikersweg
F - Wageningen
  • Marijkeweg
G - Capelle a/d IJssel
  • Rivium Boulevard
  • Rivium Oostlaan
H - Delft
  • Rotterdamseweg
I - Rijswijk
  • Handelskade
  • Bordewijkstraat
J - Amersfoort
  • Van Asch van Wijckstraat

Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose

Our ambition is to realize a living experience: a holistic concept that is wider than just individual homes. To know how our tenants define their living quality, we regularly conduct surveys among residents.

The most important aspect of living happiness appears to be mutual contact. In order to enable our tenants to stay in touch with each other, we strive towards creating safe and comfortable communal living spaces.

Life is good here

“Life is good here” is our motto, which is manifested in all our buildings. Most of our buildings have a large communal open space with a TV corner, a fitness room, study areas and an open kitchen where residents can meet to have a drink or play a game.

Our outdoor space is also designed for connecting with other tenants. For example, communal gardens with a football/basketball court, a large chessboard, a jeu de boules court and a green area where residents can relax. We actively contribute to social harmony. Our enthusiastic managers organize multiple events throughout the year, for instance, sports competitions, drinks, and barbecues.

Service beyond the front door

We determine our rental prices for the independent units according to the regulated Dutch residential valuation system, which is known as the WWS valuation system in the Netherlands. As a result, we are sure that our rent prices are defined in a fair and competitive manner.

The WWS valuation system is based on traditional principles and only awards points to independent facilities such as the surface of living spaces and the level of finishing of the bathroom and kitchen. The presence of communal spaces does not result in extra rent. Therefore, the communal spaces are an in-depth investment that we consider important for the enjoyment of living.

Because our living concepts are designed around a sense of community, this requires more intensive maintenance than traditional living concepts. To invest in the creation of communal spaces is a well-considered decision for us as a developer.

It takes both sides to build a bridge

We believe in synergy and the power of cooperation. In the cities that we are active in, we have close partnerships with the most important stakeholders. Our way of working has resulted in us being the preferred partner of various organizations such as Tilburg University, TU/e, Avans Hogescholen, Fontys and the Municipality of Tilburg.

“Tilburg University sees Magis Real Estate as a pleasant cooperation partner. This is primarily due to their proactive attitude towards both us and the tenants. They also provide high quality and good service, which means that our students enjoy living at the CobbenCampus.”

- Elisa de Klerk
Housing Officer Tilburg University, International Office

Our partners